The center’s GM said that a “handful of attendees” waiting to enter the concert became disrespectful and disruptive to law enforcement.

“The attendees were trying to gain entrance into the facility prior to the door opening by pulling on the doors and hurling a few soft drink cans at the windows,” Tom Morton told Pollstar.

“The police department had come by to check on the scene and, unfortunately, one of the attendees had thrown, to our understanding, a plastic soda bottle at the police vehicle. … There was a handful that began chanting obscenities toward the police officers.”

Police said some 40 teenagers were pulled out of the line of about 3,000, according to the city’s KOBTV.

“People that started screaming, swearing and rock throwing – basically inciting a riot – went to jail,” officer Gene Campbell told the station.

Members of the SWAT team reportedly had to use mace and stun guns to control the crowd until the concert began. Once it started, however, everything was fine, Morton said.

“It was close to being canceled during that portion but we were able to get the doors open on time,” he said. “And once we were able to get the door open, people had settled down. That was in addition to a large amount of police presence that had to come and assist as well.”

Although no injuries were reported, Morton said that booking the band at the venue again wouldn’t be “prudent.”

“They will not be welcomed back to the convention center,” he said. “It’s the potential for the public safety with the event.”

An attempt to reach management for the Insane Clown Posse was unsuccessful at press time. The band’s tour of large clubs and halls continues through December 1.