“I basically got to pick who I wanted (to perform),” Aykroyd told Pollstar. “The Lamont Cranston Band from Minneapolis, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown. I personally made a call to Ronnie Hawkins’ people to bring him in. Paul Shaffer’s coming in, [and] Skunk Baxter.”

The multi-talented entertainer talked about what inspired the company’s creation 10 years ago, as well as his own role with HoB Concerts.

“We wanted to build nightclubs for musicians and audience interplay and interface, you know? Really, nobody had done this since the late ’50s when these old ballrooms and nightclubs and supper clubs were built,” Aykroyd explained. “So House of Blues specifically began to engineer rooms for the musicians’ experience and the audience experience. We’re the first company that’s done that.”

It’s the perfect environment for the actor who would rather talk about music than Hollywood.

“I guess you could say that is one of the joys of being in the business – just the people that I’ve seen over the years in our clubs.”

HoB is currently on track to open three more clubs next year in San Diego, Atlantic City and Detroit, and Aykroyd is ready to do his part to bring people an escape from their daily routine.

“You gotta blow off steam, you gotta go have some fun. It can’t all be about work and devotion to family,” he said. “When you come to a House of Blues with your girlfriend, your wife, your parents, your family, you’re doing something for yourself.

“We’ve got the coolest brand in the industry. Nobody goes away unhappy from a House of Blues.”

The Cleveland venue officially opens for business November 19th with a two-night stand by The Neville Brothers. A wide range of artists will perform throughout the week including the reunion of Raspberries original members Eric Carmen, Wally Bryson, Jim Bonfanti and Dave Smalley.