And what could be more cool, more fun, more excellent, than spending a weekend looking at tour dates on

After all, weekends were made for tour dates. You know what we’re talking about. There’s nothing like pulling your best comfy chair up to the computer, perhaps cracking the knuckles once or twice, and then diving into the cornucopia of concert data available on Can life get any better?

There was a time when you couldn’t look up tour dates from the comfort of your own home. You couldn’t click on the schedule for John Fogerty, or sort the list of cities for Sarah McLachlan while sitting in your bathrobe, sipping coffee, nibbling on a piece of toast, all the while letting rip with a little whiff of gastronomical gas from your lower digestive track. Hard to believe, but true, people at one time had to look elsewhere for their weekend entertainment. They had to plan activities like parties, movies and sports events all because society didn’t possess the technology to deliver concert schedules, like the latest listings for Brad Paisley and Dionne Warwick to dark and lonely rooms lit only by the glow of CRT monitors.

But those dreary days are long behind us (thankfully), and now there’s no excuse to spending your weekend quality time doing anything but checking out the new itinerary for Soulfly or the additional dates for 50 Foot Wave. Sure, you could spend the weekend playing with your kids, perhaps treating the spouse to a great restaurant or maybe going skiing or tobogganing with the family, but when you get right down to it, wouldn’t you rather spend the next 48 hours huddled over your keyboard looking up the schedules for Po’ Girl, Josh Groban and The Donnas? Yeah, we know it’s a stupid question, but sometimes you need to put it all in perspective.

Looking up dates for Joe Satriani, scanning the new shows for Morbid Angel, and catching up with the schedules for Le Tigre, Lit and Strung Out, that’s what weekends are all about. And just think, someday, yes, maybe someday there will come a time when we all can spend, not just weekends, but each and every day sitting stone-faced in front of a computer monitor and staring glassy-eyed at vital information like Hatebreed playing in Winston-Salem tonight. Ooohhhh… Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Gosh, we can only hope.