That’s my motto. Forget the past, ignore the future and live for the ever-pleasing, ever-confused now. Make no plans, plan no schedule, and schedule no plans. Tear down the system and systemize the confusion. Anarchy now! Anarchy tomorrow! Anarchy forever!

Of course, it’s tough being an anarchist in the new millennium. Everybody wants you to dance to their tune, follow their rules and do what they say. Especially when it comes to music. The big corporations expect me to buy the latest CDs by the Ashlee Simpsons and Hilary Duffs of the world. My friends say I should see Good Charlotte and Ani DiFranco, while my parents keep urging me to cut loose and see a show by Duran Duran or Motley Crue. Yeah, everybody wants you to be just like them.

But I can’t be like them. I’m an anarchist, dang it! And I’ve dedicated my life to doing anarchist things. They tell me I should see Jimmy Buffett, I buy tickets for Long Beach Shortbus instead. They say I should see Lenny Kravitz, I check out Rogue Wave. They tell me to go to an Elvis Costello show and I.. I… Well, I always had a soft spot in my heart for Elvis.

But I know I’m not the only anarchist in these parts. I know there are other anarchists out there. And someday we’re going to unite in one big anarchist mob and march on those who oppress us. We’ll tear down the system, we’ll put it to the Man and we’ll bring civilization to its knees. No service charges for Keith Urban, no convenience fees for Destiny’s Child and absolutely no parking costs for Elton John. Everything’s going to be free, free, free! That’s the anarchist’s way. That’s why I say, “Anarchy now! Anarchy forever! ANARCHY TODAY!”

Well, maybe not today. You see, first we have to get organized. Hmmm… Maybe some filing cabinets would help.