Police To Pay For Security Dispute

Pittsburgh police Lt. Kevin Kraus won a $50,000 settlement in his suit against Hanover, Pa., police officers whom he said roughed him up after a Brooks & Dunn concert in 2002.

The officers were working security at the Clear Channel-owned Post-Gazette Pavilion when they manhandled Kraus and filed false charges against him, according to Kraus.

Clear Channel was dismissed as a defendant after the settlement.

“We as police officers always have to be held accountable for our actions,” Kraus told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I feel that their conduct was egregious, by placing someone under arrest with malicious intent. I was absolutely shocked by their conduct.”

Kraus’ lawyer, Timothy O’Brien, is also representing another couple that has accused Hanover police and venue security of abuses at a 2003 concert. Hanover township settled part of the complaint for $10,000 and the remaining claim against Clear Channel is pending in county court, according to the Post-Gazette.