Spector Sued For Wrongful Death

Famed rock ‘n’ roll producer Phil Spector has been named in a wrongful-death lawsuit filed by the mother of a B-movie actress whom Spector is accused of killing in his home.

The shooting took place after Spector “grabbed, hit, fought with … and injured” Lana Clarkson, and after he tried to prevent her from leaving his home, the lawsuit says.

Clarkson’s mother, Donna, filed the civil suit Wednesday in Superior Court, meeting the two-year statute of limitations on wrongful-death actions, said family attorney Roderick J. Lindblom.

Lindblom said in a statement that the Clarkson family had hoped that the criminal proceedings would have been resolved before the civil action was filed. But the family, he added, understands “that the fair administration of justice takes time.”

The lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages, also accuses Spector of the slaying at his Alhambra residence on February 3, 2003.

Spector attorney Roger J. Rosen said the lawsuit is at odds with statements by Donna Clarkson on national television in support of Spector following the slaying.

“Then she turns around and sues him for money?” he said. “It’s obviously a lawsuit about money, money that they hope to collect from Mr. Spector.”

Spector, 64, was charged with murder in late September. He is free on $1 million bail. One of his attorneys, Bruce Cutler, has said that Spector had no motive to kill Clarkson. He has termed the death “an unfortunate accident.”

Associated Press