Judging from our email, faxes and heavy-breathing phone calls, that’s the question asked by most of our users who have lips. The people want to know if Budget 2005 will promote financial security while minimizing risk-taking, speculating and saving for the future. They want to know, if enacted, how the president’s new budget will affect ordinary Americans. They want to know if they can buy a house AND buy U2 tickets.

But that’s no surprise. The president announces his new budget and we’re flooded with questions as to the viability of cutting social programs without capping parking lot fees for Sting and Bob Dylan. Our email is crammed with inquires as to whether permanent tax cuts will result in lower snack prices at shows by Ronan Tynan and moe. They want to know what’s in it for them, how the new budget will affect the average concert fan.

Of course, as with all governmental undertakings, there’s no predicting the future. Sure, reducing farm subsidies might lower the price of hill seats for amphitheatre shows, but that’s not a given. It’s not a promise carved in stone. In other words, there’s no such thing as a guarantee when you mix politics and concerts. Not for the everyday, run of the mill, concert fan in the new millennium.

Meanwhile, the questions keep pouring in. Will senior citizens be able to treat their grandchildren to a Green Day show, and, at the same time, buy the prescription drugs necessary to stay alive? Will cuts in school programs produce high school graduates incapable of naming one Duran Duran song? And what about Social Security? Will privatization lower ticket sales for future outings? Will the regular Joes and Josephines of our great land have to go without tickets for Tanzwut, Zilla and Yanni, so that they may eat and keep a roof over their heads?

Yes, the questions keep coming and coming. However, we’ve been able to boil most of the various inquiries down into two basic questions – How will the president’s proposed budget affect this year’s concert season? And how will the budget impact ordinary Americans as we plow headfirst into the undiscovered country that is America’s concert future?

The answer? Simply put, how the hell should we know? First of all, we’re tour date gatherers, and asking us about budgets and politics is like asking Robert Blake for tips on how to have a successful marriage.

And secondly, we’re far from ordinary, so we haven’t a clue as to how the budget will affect your average American.

Geeze… Some of you folks need to get a grip on how things really work.