What’s that, you say? That you couldn’t care less about the only day of the year dedicated to true love? What’s the matter with you? Has your fling lost its zing? Has your passion gone out of fashion? Has your lust turned to rust?

No sweat. We have the perfect plan for jump-starting your libido. A plan that’s guaranteed to put the dance back into your romance and dazzle back in your razzle.

It’s actually very simple. For a night both of you will remember and cherish forever, start off the evening’s festivities with a concert.

It’s a known fact that concerts are the greatest aphrodisiacs on the face of the planet. However, the trick is to know which concert will boost your desire. That’s where our plan comes in.

For example, for those needing a little intellectual stimulation to kick off night of unbridled passion, a few hours of the sublime, yet poignant, songs of Elvis Costello may be just what Dr. Love ordered. For others, the sight of Elton John pounding his piano is all it takes to make that ol’ drive thrive. Yes, when it comes to igniting the ultimate flame of the boudoir, concerts are the ultimate romantic enhancers.

But it doesn’t stop there, for our plan is to match the perfect concert with your ardor. Looking for a smooth trip upon the sea of love? Try an evening with Yanni. Looking for a little spunk when you hit that bunk? Green Day will show you how to play. Wanna get nasty? GWAR can make you a star, and Slipknot will make your spot hot. In fact, when you get right down to it, concerts are all you need for a perfectly wicked Valentine’s Day evening.

So, that’s our plan. Grab that special someone and make tonight a concert night. Yes, no matter if you see Sting, Norah Jones or Fritz’s Polka Band, a night of live music is sure to bring those passions to a boil and stoke those fires of desire. That’s the primary objective. Our main plan. Our “Plan A” for spending Valentine’s Evening with the object of your desire.

And if that doesn’t work, there’s always “Plan B.” Oh, don’t worry. Plan B calls for plenty of concerts. In fact, Plan B is almost like Plan A, except for one very important difference.

You see, with Plan B you take your spouse.