Rap Fans Scammed

About 500 fans waiting to see DMX perform at the Orr Building on the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield February 5th were in for a rude awakening when they were told the rapper would not show.

Apparently, two men claiming to be DMX’s brother and nephew set up the show and collected between $8,000 and $9,000 in advance ticket-sales, according to Springfield’s State Journal-Register. Moments before the rapper was set to perform, the two mystery men disappeared without a trace.

DMX’s publicist said the rapper knew nothing of the show.

“This is clearly a scam and DMX had nothing to do with it,” Jonathan Wolfson told Pollstar.

Police are investigating the situation.

According to the Journal-Register, the rapper was in Arizona at the time recording an album.

The alleged scammers reportedly paid state fair manager Amy Bliefnick with a $600 cashier’s check for the rental of the Orr Building. Later, she was unable to verify who had sent the check. One of the “booking agents,” identifying himself as “Robert Walker,” also used a money order to buy $600 worth of radio advertising on a local station.

In all, the men spent at least $1,325 to set it up, according the paper.

The only money left behind was a reported $1,100, which was used to pay police officers hired to provide security at the concert.

Tickets holders reportedly found they were out of luck when they returned to ticket outlets for refunds.

Ducats were reportedly $20 in advance and $30 at the door.