Teeing Up For Tour Dates

When arenas are competing for shows in the same market, sometimes a single deal point can make all the difference in the world.

That’s why hockey legend and NHL Coyotes co-owner Wayne Gretzky offered to play a round of golf with U2 if the band agreed to play the team-managed Glendale Arena.

Since it opened in December 2003, Glendale Arena has grabbed the lion’s share of big name routing from the older America West Arena, which recently underwent a $67 million renovation.

“It’s fair to say (Glendale Arena has) been very aggressive in deals in their pursuit of shows,” AWA GM Paige Peterson told The Arizona Republic. “What it comes down to is, what will you offer the band and promoter?”

For Gretzky, that’s apparently a rhetorical question where Bono & Co. are concerned. U2 plays Glendale Arena April 14-15, but the rockers will pass on the golf.