The four groups are heading out under the banner this summer on a nationwide tour.

Heads will start banging June 18 in Kelseyville, Calif., at the Konocti Harbor Resort. From there, the hair-rock vets will hit casinos, amphitheatres and fairgrounds across the U.S. for nearly two months. The schedule currently runs through August 13, but dates still seem to be rolling in.

Cinderella is supporting its recent Rocked, Wired & Bluesed: The Greatest Hits CD and accompanying video. Ratt’s last release was also a best-of collection, 2002’s The Essentials.

Quiet Riot frontman Kevin DuBrow has assembled a new lineup for that band’s return. The group played in Mexico last November and plans to release a new studio album after this summer’s tour.

FireHouse is supporting its seventh album, Prime Time, released last year.