Cardinals Raise The Roof

The 5,600-ton main section of the new Arizona Cardinals Stadium retractable roof was hoisted into place February 22nd despite wind and rain, putting stadium construction past the half-way point. It was said to be the largest single roof lift in North America.

The computer-controlled operation, dubbed “Super Lift 2005,” began February 18th and included several stops for inspections along the way. Support trusses will be attached between the roof assembly and the edges of the stadium. Steel, decking, rubberized roofing and a waterproof fabric will then be used to enclose the roof, which is expected to be completed by July.

Meanwhile, construction of the concrete seating tiers in the lower bowl will begin in May as will masonry and electrical work.

The stadium is expected to be weathertight by November. Installment of the unique moveable tray that holds the stadium’s football turf — allowing the grass to be rolled in and out of the facility — is to be completed by April.

The 63,000-seat stadium, which will expand up to 73,000 seats, is on track to open in August 2006.