AEG Goes DiscLive

AEG-TV, which produces concert simulcasts in movie cinemas among other things, has signed a vendor deal with the parent company of DiscLive.

The companies will pursue opportunities to broadcast live events to pay-per-view, high definition cinemas and networks, and to produce CDs immediately following live performances.

No release date has been set for the launch of the venture, but AEG-TV said the companies plan to pursue a minimum of six major tours or live broadcasts per year.

DiscLive, owned by Immediatek, manufactures mobile recording and production facilities. Within 20 minutes of a concert, a DiscLive facility can produce about 1,000 CDs of the performance for sale to exiting concert-goers.

Along with cinema simulcasts, AEG-TV produces pay-per-view and television events. AEG-TV CEO John Rubey told Pollstar that the company expects the DiscLive venture to be implemented first with the simulcasts, then move to pay-per-view and other mediums.

The Anschutz Entertainment Group division has used Regal Cinemas (also owned by billionaire Phillip Anschutz) to simulcast about 30 live concerts onto movie screens. Most of the events coincide with a CD or DVD launch, therefore, DiscLive’s presence in the lobby would be considered a bonus to the overall experience.

AEG-TV has produced or distributed events for Kenny Chesney, Beyoncé, Linkin Park, Prince, Gloria Estefan and Phish, among others.