Ian Brown Hits ‘Frisco

Former Stone Roses singer Ian Brown caused quite a stir during a concert at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall March 15th. Police said the vocalist was briefly detained after allegedly attacking a fan who jumped onstage, then beating a bouncer who intervened.

The scuffle occurred while Brown was on a West Coast tour. Following police questioning, he was released without any charges. Apparently, investigators were having a difficult time sorting through conflicting descriptions of the melee.

Shortly after Brown took the stage, witnesses said he started and stopped the Stone Roses hit “Made of Stone” three times. Then, he threw a microphone at a sound engineer and another into the balcony.

Next, an unidentified man climbed onto the stage and attacked Brown, who joined his bandmates in beating and kicking the man, according to witnesses. Security guards reportedly dragged the man from the stage, but the singer and band members allegedly continued to attack him.

When guard Gavin Baskett tried to stop Brown, the singer pushed him away, and the band attacked him as well, witnesses said. Several told police that Brown participated in the attack. Baskett was treated at a hospital and released.

Meanwhile, Brown’s publicist, Sioux Zimmerman, said the singer had no way of knowing who the guard was because he had come from behind.