Sizzla Questioned In Police Raid

Dancehall reggae singer Sizzla was recently questioned by police about alleged gunrunning and gang violence near the performer’s home in Kingston, Jamaica.

Lawyer Glen Cruickshank said Sizzla, whose real name is Miguel Collins, was one of 33 people arrested during a March 17th police raid in the crime-ridden community of August Town. Authorities confiscated six AK-47 rifles, three sniper rifles, a submachine gun and 58 rounds of ammunition.

Three men have been charged with illegal possession of weapons and ammunition so far, but the investigation is ongoing.

Collins was let go a few days later.

“They questioned [Collins] about the violence in August Town and the guns, and he denied knowledge of both. They could not carry that to court,” Cruickshank said.

The controversial singer has been accused by some August Town residents of inciting violence between gunmen from Judgement Yard, where Collins lives, and others in nearby Jungle 12.

The current troubles follow Collins’ arrest in December for using a curse word during his performance at an East Fest concert in Eastern Jamaica’s St. Thomas Parish. He was sentenced to 15 days in jail but was allowed to remain free pending an appeal.

Meanwhile, police in Barbados are trying to prevent Collins from performing at a March 27th concert at the National Stadium, saying the entertainer’s presence “would be inimical to good order.”