One Less Beef For Em

Eminem has one less public beef going as the Detroit rapper has effectively withdrawn his federal lawsuit charging hip-hop magazine the Source with copyright infringement.

The mag had released songs purportedly by a 16-year-old Slim Shady that include slurs against African-American women.

The suit was filed in December 2003, and Eminem was initially granted an injunction barring the Source from inserting CDs with the songs in its February 2004 edition.

A judge subsequently ruled that the Source could include 20-second snippets on the CDs, and Em appealed that.

But that’s apparently all in the past.

“There is nothing left to win,” Eminem attorney Donald David told the New York Daily News. “The judge already decided we have the copyright, and he awarded us $131,000 in sanctions. So the case has no purpose anymore.”

As is typical in such cases, the opposing side also claims victory.

“Basically, a lot of the truth behind this is gonna come out to people,” Source publisher Dave Mays said, according to the Detroit Free Press. “Their goal with the lawsuit has been to suppress a lot of the very bigoted and racist and offensive material that Eminem recorded when he was about 20 or 21 years old – not 16, which has been commonly reported.”