CenturyTel Center Upgrades

Officials with the CenturyTel Center in Bossier City, La., are working with the city on installing a new curtain and spotlight platforms to help draw more touring acts.

Venue GM Tom Williams said the upgrades to the 14,000-capacity venue have been under discussion for about a year. He said a new curtain in the upper level will double the configuration options the facility currently has.

“I think the biggest thing for a band, an agent or a promoter is going to be the ability to expand our seating as an event sells,” Williams told Pollstar. “There shouldn’t be any capacity restriction because the stage can’t go back any further, or we’ve got a backdrop right behind us that can’t move.

“We just open up that curtain in the upper level and start selling upstairs until sales drop off or cease.”

The facility, also home to the Mudbugs hockey franchise and Bossier City Battle Wings arena football team, hosts 15 to 20 concerts a year. Williams said the biggest challenge will be scheduling the work around existing events.

“They (workers) are going to have to do multiple setups and breakdowns, and stage their equipment off the floor so we can have events,” he said. “Any kind of construction or installation while you’re operating is always a challenge. If something pops up, I certainly don’t want to turn away any business.”

The Bossier City Council is currently considering bids for the estimated $290,000 project. Upon approval, the installation could be completed by mid-August.

Tina Amendola