Ticket Buyers Wait For G.I. Joe

Ticket-holders in South Bend, Ind., are still waiting for refunds on a Foghat/Kansas show that was canceled last August. The promoter said he ran out of funds and joined the U.S. Army to pay everyone back.

The South Bend Tribune is still fielding letters from angry fans, wondering where their money is.

“We’re not sure where (promoter Eric) Donoho is,” the paper said, adding that it had called the Indiana attorney general’s office and was told no action was being taken against Donoho because “they couldn’t prove any deceptive practices were involved.”

Shortly after things fell through, Donoho posted a message on the Web site for his company, Glacier Promotions. In it, he said he and his partners used ticket revenue for “working capital” prior to the event – terminology that usually spells financial doom.

After reviewing his options, Donoho decided to join the Army, he said, shipping out December 29th. According to his posting, Donoho expected an enlistment bonus to arrive in 29 weeks that would “cover the amount of the refunds still owed.” Plus, he said he would deposit money in the meantime to build up a trust that would pay back the ticket holders.

According to the Tribune, Donoho is more than $15,000 in debt because of the cancellation. If he indeed enlisted in the Army, that 29-week bonus he mentioned should come by mid-July.