‘Idol’ Controversy

At press time, the media was all abuzz about a May 4th “Primetime Live” special on ABC Television that promised to “explore explosive claims about behind-the-scenes activities” at the “American Idol” talent contest on Fox Television.

The content of the show was up to speculation but the title, “Fallen Idol,” implied it involved the recent allegation by a former contestant that he had an affair with judge Paula Abdul and that she offered financial help to support his career.

The contestant in question, Corey Clark, has written a tell-all book. He was booted from the show for not disclosing an assault charge against his teenage sister and resisting arrest. Clark later pleaded no contest to a lesser charge of obstructing the legal process.

A source told the Los Angeles Times that Abdul’s lawyer, Marty Singer, has threatened legal action against ABC if the show airs.

No doubt “American Idol” is an extremely valuable asset of management company 19 Entertainment, which produces the show and was recently purchased by Robert Sillerman’s new company, CKX. Chances are good, though, that “Idol” will recover from the expose and continue to serve the U.S. with its blend of singers and not quite singers.