Aladdin’s New Showroom

Construction of a 1,500-seat theatre was to begin May 2nd at the Aladdin Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. It’s the first major change to the property since it was taken over by a Planet Hollywood-led investment group last fall.

The theatre’s 600-seater, the former home of magician Steve Wyrick, was to be torn down to make way for the new room, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The building will be financed by Clear Channel Entertainment, which will partner with the hotel on whatever show is eventually announced, much like its “Phantom of the Opera” arrangement with the Venetian just up the Strip.

The newly formed CCE Productions will develop, program and manage the theatre as well as showrooms at the resort.

Construction will take about eight months. A new show could take the stage in about a year, taking rehearsal time into consideration, hotel publicist Amy Sadowsky told the Review-Journal.