Jay-Z Countersuit Tossed

A Manhattan judge has dismissed Jay-Z‘s counterclaim against R. Kelly, the latter of whom is suing the former for $90 million in relation to their contentious co-headliner tour and a pepper-spray incident.

The original lawsuit claims Jay-Z and promoter Jeff Sharp of Atlanta Worldwide Touring are responsible for the cancellation of last year’s Best of Both Worlds tour. Kelly, through his publicist, said he was “ready, willing and able” to perform the rest of the tour, but it was called off by the promoter.

Kelly’s suit alleges Jay-Z was jealous of the R&B singer’s status and higher pay, which led Jay-Z to cause the lighting director to deliberately sabotage the show.

Jay-Z immediately filed a $75 million counterclaim that Kelly defrauded him by promising but failing to put on a good show and that Kelly interfered with his contract with the tour promoter.

According to Kelly’s lawyer, state Supreme Court Justice Charles Ramos threw out Jay-Z’s first claim because reneging on a promise to do something is different than breach of contract. The second claim was supposedly thrown out because Jay-Z’s papers did not show how Kelly interfered with the contract because Jay-Z was the one who decided to move forward with the tour.

Ramos gave Jay-Z attorney Jonathan Davis permission to file new counterclaims.

“The matter is far from over,” Davis said.

The Best of Both Worlds, which was wracked with tension between the two stars, came to a halt at New York’s Madison Square Garden October 29th when Kelly was hit with pepper spray by a Jay-Z crew member. Jay-Z continued to tour without his former colleague. The two have since warred over whether Kelly quit the tour or if the tour quit him.