HoB Milwaukee

Chalk up another House of Blues venue in the works, this time in Milwaukee. The city is developing a 1-million-square-foot development called PabstCity, and at press time House of Blues Entertainment had reportedly signed a lease to become the anchor tenant.

With a House of Blues inside the entertainment, commercial and residential complex, the area will have better ability to secure $50 million in equity investment and $125 million in private debt, a source told the Business Journal of Milwaukee. PabstCity is reportedly seeking a $39 million tax incremental financing district for the development.

“The House of Blues agreement is a solid step toward bringing PabstCity to Milwaukee,” development partner Jerry Franke was quoted by the Journal. “The commitment to the City of Milwaukee and the Pabst Project that House of Blues is demonstrating through this deal is a huge vote of confidence in the project. Their desire to enhance the venue with the Foundation Room even further demonstrates House of Blues’ belief in the marketplace.”

The Foundation Room is HoB’s VIP section. The complex’s projected opening day was not available at press time.

Milwaukee’s redevelopment authority and Common Council still need to sign off on PabstCity.