Sharon Denies Ozzy Has Parkin

Through Ozzy Osbourne‘s publicist, Sharon Osbourne has shot down reports suggesting her husband was diagnosed with Parkin Syndrome, or that there even is such a thing.

United Press International and several other publications have reported that Osbourne suffers from Parkin Syndrome, which allegedly is a genetic problem with similar symptoms to Parkinson’s Disease. The singer would apparently have to take medication for the rest of his life.

Ozzy’s wife and manager said Parkin Syndrome is a fictitious disease, adding that the singer does not have Parkinson’s. Her office would not comment directly and referred calls to publicist Mitch Schneider Organization.

According to UPI, however, Ozzy said he was relieved that debilitating body tremors were from the genetic syndrome rather than longtime drug abuse.

“I’d always assumed it was the booze and stuff,” Ozzy reportedly told the World Entertainment News Network. “Now I’ve found it all stems from the family.”

Once the singer was diagnosed, he reportedly said his sister told him his mother, aunt and grandmother suffered from the same problem.

“I’m like, ‘Thanks for [expletive] telling me.’ Me walking around thinking I’ve got some drug paralysis,” he said, according to UPI.

Mitchell Peters