People are constantly asking us that. Do we ever worry about posting the big tours, say, U2, for example? Do we obsess over details as to whether or not the band will include additional shows for New York, or if they’ll wise up and add Fresno, California, otherwise known as the Jewel Of The San Joaquin, to their routing? And will our servers crash if they do? Worry, worry, worry.

Sure, we have our worries. After all, when you’re running the world’s largest third-party concert database, sometimes you feel as if you’re locked in a defensive battle and that you’ll go right down to the wire when posting dates for Sarah McLachlan or Margaret Cho. Yeah, a real nail biter.

But we’ve learned to handle the stress and conflict that’s been ingrained in the concert data business since this company was founded back in 1931. Idlewild, Loverboy, Rusted Root – you name the act and we’ve been there. We’ve experienced the pitcher’s duel that is the Anita Baker routing and we’ve gotten down to brass takes and re-established our running game when it came to O.A.R. But worry? Eh…

That’s because we’ve been doing this a long time. No matter if we’re fourth and down, bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth or if we’ve stepped up to the line to take a few free throws, we’re always calm, cool and collected. No matter what the weather factor is, or, for that matter, the injury factor, the humidity factor or the multiplication factor, we’re always on top of our game as we play to win game seven in the tour date play-offs. We can taste that sweet smell of success known as victory.

So, us worry? Nah. There’s no time for worrying when you’re going for all the marbles. Regardless of whether we’re posting dates for Ember Swift, Alex Bugnon or George Jones, we’re always keeping our eye on the ball while we’re leading our charge on the back nine. We may not be able to pitch a shut out every time, but more times than not, we’re keeping an eye on that clock as our team drives down the field in hopes of one more home run. Or at least a RBI, field goal or K-O. We’ve come to play, we’re always on our game and we always bring our A-team. Ha! Us worry? Not a chance.

Well, there is one, small item that we worry about. Constantly.

You see, we’re constantly worrying about running out of sports cliches.