Fan Claims Dogg Pounding

King County sheriff’s deputies are investigating a Seattle-area man’s claim that he was severely beaten by performers during a May 28th Snoop Dogg concert at the White River Amphitheatre near Auburn.

It was the opening concert of the season for the venue that is owned by the Muckleshoot Indians and managed by Clear Channel Entertainment.

The violence erupted after Richard Monroe jumped onstage, allegedly after Snoop Dogg and rapper The Game invited concert-goers to do so.

Monroe told authorities the performers and others kicked and punched him, and poured liquor on him. He claims his diamond earrings were ripped out and his cell phone, wallet and watch were stolen.

Relatives told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer that Monroe sustained bruised ribs, a broken nose and a split lip.

However, amateur video footage from the concert that aired on a local TV station shows a man being tackled after he approached Snoop Dogg from behind and put his arm around the rapper’s shoulders. Snoop appears startled by the 6-foot-3, 250-pound Monroe, and shrinks back, the paper said.

In a statement, Snoop Dogg spokeswoman Meredith O’Sullivan said those involved took appropriate action under the circumstances.

“Any person who jumps onstage at a concert has to be interpreted as a security threat and an immediate risk to both the performers onstage as well as the fans in the audience,” O’Sullivan said. “Once breach of security has been made, authorities are forced to take the proper measures to ensure safety.”

Monroe further claimed to the Post-Intelligencer that venue security didn’t help him after he was attacked.

White River Amphitheatre Executive Director Lance Miller said in a statement that a fan approached Snoop onstage unexpectedly and was removed by security.

“The safety and security of our artists and our patrons is very important to us,” Miller said. “We fully support the local authorities in their investigation of this incident.”