That’s right! Finally a day for all us working stiffs. A day when you can chuck all your responsibilities to the wind. A day when you can blow off nosing that grindstone and forget about making those ends meet. A day to feel ALIVE!

But skipping work is only part of what National Skip Work Day is all about. In order to make this day really special, you’ll want to skip work and see a concert. So grab your mouse and let’s get busy!

Go ahead, search for a show, query a venue and land yourself a band. There’s plenty going on today. There’s The Futureheads in New York, Joanna Connor in Chicago, Collective Soul in Houston and Kraftwerk in LaLa Land. Anything is possible on National Skip Work Day!

It all harkens back to when you were about to graduate high school, and there was that one special day when all the seniors decided that they were not going to school. Now you can relive those days of your youth by playing a little hooky from work and catching a great band or artist like Maroon 5, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers or Kelly Clarkson. So, what are you waiting for? Time’s a wasting! Get on that phone, call in sick, and LIVE IT UP!

We have high hopes for National Skip Work Day, for we feel that this will be the holiday to top all holidays, the day to throw off those shackles and chains that bind you, and a time to snip the umbilical chord known as steady employment. So jump on that phone, call your boss, and tell him you’re not coming in today. Tell him you’re seeing Maximo Park, Pearl Jam, or Jimmy Buffett. Tell him what he can do with that time clock. Tell him it’s National Skip Work Day!

But don’t stay out too late.

After all, National Skip Work Day is only one day, and there’s still tomorrow. You still have responsibilities, commitments and duties, for tomorrow you must act like an adult. That’s how National Skip Work Day works. You party like the animal you are today, you catch a good show like Ozomatli or Journey, and then you beat it back home for a good night’s sleep, and rise at the crack of dawn tomorrow. After all, we all know what tomorrow is, right?

You got it. With today being National Skip Work Day, tomorrow can only be one thing. That’s right. Tomorrow is National Find A New Job Day!

May you have good luck on both days.