What are your kids doing this summer? Sure, you want your children to broaden themselves through traditional summer activities, such as tennis lessons, camp outs and miniature golf, but who has time for all that? Surely, not you and your spouse. After all, you’ve got shows to see, like Alanis Morissette and Boyz II Men. You want to live a little. You want to spend your nights seeing Bob Dylan, Teenage Fanclub and Fritz’s Polka Band this summer, while your days are filled with lounging by your club’s pool, sipping vodka tonics lovingly poured over cracked ice, and dreaming about all those summer shows, like Pearl Jam and Journey. After all, summer was made for adults. And kids? You’re better off if they’re somewhere else.

And why not make that somewhere else Pollstar.com’s Summer Camp For Kids? Nestled in beautiful downtown Fresno, California, and sandwiched in between the city’s finest auto wrecking yards and halfway houses, Pollstar.com’s Summer Camp For Kids has been nurturing young minds since 1931. While, at the same time, giving parents like you the freedom to see all the summer concerts you’ve been dreaming about all winter. So what are you waiting for? Jump on the phone and make your kid’s reservation today!

You’ll never need to worry about your children’s safety and well being while you’re off seeing Def Leppard or Green Day this season. At Pollstar.com’s Summer Camp For Kids we plan daily activities guaranteed to prepare your child for this crazy thing we call life. We’ll make your kids stronger, faster – better than they were before, thus allowing you to chase your own summer dreams. Like seeing Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers on June 23 in Scranton, PA. Make that call now! Operators standing by!

How do we do it? How do we prepare young minds for the world of tomorrow? For starters, we teach them how to sit still in once place. This is accomplished by giving each child his or her own ankle bracelet, made of 100 percent pure iron. Once properly shackled, each kid is led to his or her very own computer station, where they’ll spend the next three months processing tour info for Neil Diamond and Olivia Newton-John while you’re enjoying the summer you were meant to have. Reservations are limited, so make that call today!

But Pollstar.com’s Summer Camp For Kids is more than just chaining a bunch of snot-nosed brats to computer stations and making them enter dates, cities and venues for countless bands and artists. It’s about discipline, hard work and learning the value of a concert ticket for Ted Nugent. It’s about that magical moment when a child realizes that his or her parents would rather spend the summer seeing Duran Duran and Madeleine Peyroux. Not bandaging playground scrapes and cuts, or dishing out Kool-Aid to the neighborhood rug rats. We’ll make your summer special again! Call us now!

Yes, summer magic is back! And there’s no better way to spend the season than seeing Jimmy Buffett, Oasis and Maroon 5, all the while knowing your child is safely locked down for the evening at Pollstar.com’s Summer Camp For Kids. Don’t delay! Print out our friendly, lawyer-vetted, liability-absolving PDF file, sign it, and send it in today!

Pollstar.com’s Summer Camp For Kids. Concerts for you, like Kelly Clarkson, Styx and Ja Rule – chains, shackles and irons for your kids. It’s what summer is all about!