That is, fed up with those major tours that never schedule a stop in your town? Are you frustrated by the fact that System Of A Down never plays at your local sports arena? Are you sick of having to travel miles and miles to see They Might Be Giants or Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine?

Thankfully, relief is just around the corner. Introducing Interactive, a new feature designed especially for you.

With Interactive, you’ll be able to customize the tour itineraries for all your favorite acts. Do you want Coldplay to appear at your local high school? How about Paul McCartney playing your town’s American Legion hall? Or maybe you’re in the mood for a concert in the park with Nine Inch Nails? Those are just a few of the features available for you once you sign up for Interactive.

Yes, Interactive is the concert tour info Web site designed with you in mind. No longer will you curse the day you were born because Good Charlotte never plays your dinky little excuse for a burg. With Interactive you’ll have the bands and artists you want, when you want them, and, most importantly, where you want them.

Think of the possibilities! The Allman Brothers Band, Hilary Duff and Oasis playing your very own community! Mix and match! Switch support acts! Choose your own show time! You’ll never miss a show, never have a scheduling conflict, never, ever have to decide between two concerts playing on the same night. You’re in the driver’s seat with Interactive!

Of course, just switching a few cities around on a tour routing, say replacing the Denver stop on the Whitesnake tour with Jackie’s Ska Emporium in Nose Bleed, Montana, won’t make David Coverdale and company actually play that specific locale. But listing the cities and venues where you would like to see your favorite bands and artists will make you feel better. And feeling better is what the 21st century is all about. With Interactive, every day can be a U2 day. A beautiful day where you can eyeball a band’s routing, gaze upon the listing for June 16, 2005, and say, “That’s my town!”

We’re really excited about Interactive, and we can’t wait to see how you’ll re-route the schedules for Dinosaur Jr., Santana and Journey. In the new millennium there is a fine line between truth and outright absurdity, and you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds with Interactive. Sign up for our beta test today, and soon you’ll be saying…

“Huh? Where’s the band?”