More Live 8 Shows Added

Live 8 organizers have announced that three additional concerts will take place July 2nd in Tokyo, Toronto, and Johannesburg, South Africa.

At press time, the venues had not been confirmed, but the Canadian Press reported that veteran promoter Michael Cohl would be handling the Toronto show.

“Three weeks ago Europe agreed, unbelievably, to double aid, throwing the ball back to the Yanks, the Japanese and the Canadians,” Live 8 organizer Bob Geldof said June 16th at an event in Dublin, Ireland.

He added that Tokyo and Toronto events will help pressure the Japanese and Canadian governments to increase their aid to Africa.

An Africa Calling concert featuring African artists the same day was announced earlier in the week for Cornwall, England (see Between The Dates on page 16 for details).

The Live 8 concerts – with shows in London, Rome, Philadelphia, Paris and Berlin – are intended to raise awareness of poverty, and pressure world leaders attending the G8 Summit in Scotland to increase aid to Africa.