How To Get A Job

Remember the college student who stood up in the audience during CIC 2005 and made such intelligent comments during the “2004: The Public Pushes Back” session that panelists Arny Granat and Jack Utsick each expressed interest in hiring him?

His name is Wesley Radez and he doesn’t have to worry about landing his first job in the music industry now that he’s graduated from Yale University.

Radez has already been picked up by Miami-based Worldwide Entertainment / Jack Utsick Presents. He has been named director of new business development and will focus on building corporate relationships, digital media opportunities and other new business proposals.

None of this comes as a surprise to the staff of the CIC or Pollstar. Radez has been a CIC volunteer for several years and has impressed everyone he’s worked with.

He interned last summer at House of Blues Concerts where he helped the company develop a ticket sales forecasting mold.

Not bad for a college kid just trying to get his foot in the door.