The July 2 event at Park Place (formerly Molson Park) on Barrie, Ontario, will feature more than 20 acts, but so far, The Rolling Stones are not on the list.

Concert promoter Michael Cohl, who is handling the Stones’ upcoming tour and is organizing the Canadian event, said more artists will be added to the bill but did not go as far as to say the Stones would join the lineup.

The band is rehearsing for the tour in Toronto, as they have done for their past several road trips.

Canadian comedians Dan Aykroyd and Tom Green will host the event, which will also feature a performance by Celine Dion live by satellite from Las Vegas.

Free tickets – limited to two per person – will be available to the public at 10 a.m. June 23, and can be attained in Canada and the U.S. online from Ticketmaster’s website only (

According to Cohl, there will be a catch to obtaining tickets. “We want people to understand why they’re attending the concert, so anyone looking for tickets will have to answer a skill-testing question about Live 8.”

In order to secure tickets, concert-goers will be required to answer this question:According to Live 8 and Make Poverty History, what can the G8 leaders do to help make poverty history?

Other July 2 Live 8 events will take place in London, Edinburgh, Berlin, Philadelphia, Washington, Paris, Tokyo and Rome. The public is encouraged to visit to learn what they can do to support Live 8 – whether they attend a concert, watch on TV or listen on the radio.