The Economics Of Moshing

The Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Mich., recently announced a correction in price for general admission floor tickets for 3 Doors Down‘s August 28th gig from $43 to $39.50. While that may not be unusual, consider that the price of “reserved” seats is $35.

Since when are GA tickets more pricey than reserved tickets?

Apparently, it’s a simple application of laws of supply and demand – and the kids wanting to mosh.

“We don’t do many GA floor shows, but when we do, they just sell like hotcakes,” venue box office manager Marcus Scott told Pollstar.

It’s not just the Van Andel Arena show, which is being promoted by Cellar Door Detroit.

A look through Ticketmaster‘s Web site shows that at indoor shows this summer, most 3 Doors Down gigs indeed boast higher price tags for the now-coveted GA ticket than for reserved.