CCMG Offers Live 8 Discount

For the second summer in a row, concert-goers can grab discounted lawn seats for a limited time. But this year, it’s for a good cause.

Clear Channel Music Group has joined the Live 8 fray with a three-day promotion during which fans can purchase $18 lawn tickets for more than 400 shows at 42 amphitheatres.

The July 2-4 sale will coincide with the worldwide Live 8 concerts for African debt relief and will include tickets for concerts by Coldplay, Eminem / 50 Cent, Ozzfest and many others.

An unspecified portion of the proceeds will go to support Live 8 efforts.

In support of Live 8 organizer Bob Geldof’s “ONE” campaign, fans will receive white wristbands with their tickets from Ticketmaster.

TM is reducing its service charges and venues are waiving their own ticket surcharges for the discounted seats, according to a CCMG press release. The company expects as many as 500,000 fans to take advantage of the sale.

Geldof thanked CCMG and said, “This is a fitting way to prove to the leaders of the G8 that the demand for them to do the right thing at their July 6th meeting extends far beyond the artists who are playing the [10] Live 8 concerts and the people who were able to attend or watch on television.”