Studdard Goes To Police

“American Idol” winner Ruben Studdard filed a criminal complaint against ex-manager Ronald Edwards June 27th, alleging identity theft and forgery.

Studdard filed the complaint with police in Birmingham, Ala., claiming Edwards forged documents to give himself power of attorney over Studdard, charged $105,000 on Studdard’s credit cards, and wrote checks in the singer’s name for $150,000.

According to the police report, $22,000 in checks were stolen and deposited in Edwards’ account.

Studdard sued Edwards and his marketing firm, SEZ Inc., in February for $246,000 allegedly pilfered during the year Edwards worked for the singer. The manager filed a countersuit in March for $500,000, alleging Studdard still owes him fees and expense reimbursements.

Edwards filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy June 17th, prompting accusations by Studdard’s lawyer that the manager was just trying to avoid giving a deposition in the lawsuit.