Beef & Cheese

The cheesy NBC retro-rock reality show “Hit Me Baby One More Time” has got beef, ’80s style.

Night Ranger frontman Jack Blades took issue with show producer Paul Jackson over comments made in US Weekly regarding the band’s work ethic, or alleged lack of it, after it withdrew from the show.

“We were absolutely stunned and appalled when we read that we supposedly pulled out after a bad rehearsal and that Paul Jackson would have the audacity to make the comment to US Weekly in regards to Night Ranger that ‘You have to be good and prepared to do the show'” Blades said. “That statement is an absolute lie about the reasons for us not doing the show.”

Blades explained that, instead of a lousy rehearsal, the band didn’t have a second song (by another group) to perform that was cleared for use by NBC in time to rehearse it for taping.