They’re regular road dogs, too, and after a short break in August will be back on the stump for at least the next two months, with elfin multi-instrumentalist Gabby La La in tow.

The latest batch of dates begins August 25 in Arcata, Calif., and includes stops in San Francisco, Seattle, Milwaukee, Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, and Atlanta before winding down October 8 with a gig at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, Calif.

Particle may be revered on the jam band circuit but, as a tour last year with Guns ‘N Roses escapee Buckethead showed, they defy easy categorizing.

“We try not to be pigeonholed in the jam band community because I don’t think that’s what we’re really about,” Particle drummer Darren Pujalet told Pollstar last year. “It’s really more of a root of where we’re from.”

But it’s a sturdy root, nonetheless. Particle joined up with ex-Grateful Dead percussionist Mickey Hart for a tour earlier this year to create a side project called Hydra. And they’ll go out October 14-17 on the “Xingolati Groove Cruise” from the port of San Pedro, Calif.

But in the meantime, they’ll be sharing the stage with opener Gabby La La, who scored a surprise hit at the recent Bonnaroo festival with not only her grab bag of unusual instruments, including toy piano, accordion, ukelele, sitar and Theremin but also with pal Les Claypool, just for good measure.