No Anonymity For Coz Accusers

Nine women planning to testify against Bill Cosby in a sexaul assault lawsuit will not have their identities shielded by the court, according to U.S. District Judge Eduardo Robreno.

The comedian has been accused of drugging and fondling a former Temple University employee. The other women agreed to testify in the civil suit in Philadelphia that Cosby was guilty of similar behavior toward them. However, Robreno said the allegations by the Jane Does were unsubstantiated and too broad to merit an order keeping their identities secret.

“It is essential that the injury to be prevented be shown with specificity,” Robreno wrote, noting that even though the court won’t conceal the identities, that does not mean the parties involved have to disclose them.

An attorney for one of the women said he was disappointed with the judge’s ruling but said it was “up to Mr. Cosby and his lawyers to decide what they want to do” regarding the accusers’ anonymity.

The accuser allegedly considered Cosby a friend and mentor. She claims that after having dinner with him and associates in January 2004, she returned with Cosby to his Philly apartment where he gave her pills for stress and tension. She claims the pills incapacitated her, and Cosby fondled her.

Police investigators found insufficient evidence to charge Cosby with sexual misconduct. They also investigated claims from two others but said those women did not complain to law enforcement, which weighed in the entertainer’s favor.