The veteran multimedia artist will bring her NASA-inspired theatre piece, “The End of the Moon” to at least nine cities starting October 27 at Albany, N.Y.’s Hart Theatre.

Anderson fans know to expect a view of the world – and in this case, of space – from a somewhat altered perspective. Apparently, however, this was completely lost on Rep. Chris Chocola.

The Indiana Republican successfully amended Congress’ Science, State, Justice and Commerce annual appropriations bill to “prohibit federal funds from being used to employ an ‘artist in resident’ at NASA,” according to The Washington Times.

The newspaper’s “Inside the Beltway” column took aim directly at Anderson, quoting a Heritage Foundation spokesman and pointing to the $20,000 stipend paid to the quirky artist whose breakout album was titled Big Science.

“What the agency got was ‘The End of the Moon,'” Jim Weidman sniffed to the Times. “Ms. Anderson describers her opus thusly: ‘Nominally, it’s my official report as the first NASA artist in residence, but the stories include things about war, my dog, trees, people I’ve known, theories.”

Sounds like a fine show and a can’t-miss for fans of Anderson, the moon, dogs, trees, theories, and great storytelling.