Even the band members aren’t sure if they’ve hit the big time yet, but one thing for certain is that the group will hit the road this fall, beginning September 22 at Lee’s Palace in Toronto. E6 is scheduled to spend two more days in Canada before heading Stateside.

In support of its latest release, Senor Smoke, E6 will head to the U.S. October 3 for a gig at Carrboro, N.C.’s Cat’s Cradle. The band will play three shows in what the band calls “our neighbors to the South, the great nation of Florida,” before heading to Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan in mid-October.

The Detroit natives – who “use stage names because we had a stupid idea one night and now we have to live with it” – have been through approximately four guitar players, four bass players, five keyboard players, and three drummers.

E6 saw its single “Danger! High Voltage” from the album Fire, reach No. 2 on the British charts in early 2003.