And then there are bands that are still underground faves years after their demise but have gained enough love to give it another shot. Case in point: The Posies.

Unlike Seattle bands from the early ’90s that have grown to legendary status (Nirvana, Soundgarden), The Posies never got a lot of commercial success but, much like The Jayhawks, were rich in enthusiastic praise.

“In a world more perfect than this one, The Posies would be superstars,” Dublin’s Irish Independent wrote of a recent live show. “Their music – lush, hook-laden indie-pop – screams out for daytime radio play. They write anthemic choruses and, when the need arises, can rock like lunatics.”

The band’s early releases, including the gen Frosting On The Beater, have apparently sold quite well during the years between the Posies’ breakup and now, causing a return – including co-songwriters Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow. The latter helped bring new fans to the table while he put food on the table as R.E.M.‘s touring guitarist. The Posies also spent time as backup band to Alex Chilton and Big Star.

“The time off didn’t really harm anything,” Stringfellow told the London Rock Daily. “If anything, it made us appreciate what we have. It seems to have made some people appreciate what we do and because we’ve not been that available, it gives the air of being something pretty special this time around.”

The band starts out at Slim’s in San Francisco September 7 and travels the country through October. Some choice cities are Los Angeles, New York City, Toronto, Detroit, Cleveland and Denver before the band unpacks October 21 in Seattle at Neumo’s.