It’s about the schedules posted on this Web site. No, not just a few of them like ZZ Top or Michael Buble, but all of them. That’s right. Every single date on this Web site might be, well, a little soggy.

You see, we had a problem with our air conditioner yesterday. A few circuits blew, or a few blowers short-circuited, or something like that. Bottom line was that the AC wasn’t quite functioning on all thrusters yesterday, resulting in things getting a little humid at Pollstar HQ.

Now don’t get us wrong. The AC was somewhat working yesterday. However, working in Fresno, CA, in the middle of August is kind of like being stuck in the middle of California’s San Joaquin Valley. Temperatures range somewhere around 105 this time of year. And during the day it gets even hotter.

But a malfunctioning AC unit that wasn’t operating at full capacity didn’t stop us from doing our jobs. We entered dates for Drums & Tuba, we updated the schedules for The English Beat and Her Space Holiday and we processed new data for David Gray and Widespread Panic. In fact, we did everything we usually do when the AC is operating normally. The only difference was that we were sweating more than whoever it is at Geffen who’s responsible for getting Axl to finish the new Guns N Roses album sometime during this decade. In other words, we were swimming in the stuff.

And that’s why some of the dates are still a little damp. We stayed up all night wiping off as many schedules as we could, but there are still a few itineraries in the database that could use a little toweling off. No, we don’t know which ones. Could be any of them, like Hail Social, Tracy Lawrence or Armor For Sleep. Bottom line is, you might want to wipe your hands on something between schedules. Like maybe your pants. Or, if you’re at work, that useless jerk who occupies the cube next to yours.

But we want to point out that this is just a temporary situation. Management has assured us that the unit is running at full capacity. And we don’t have to tell you how relieved we were to hear that. What with 100 plus temperatures, and schedules for Madball, Jeff Foxworthy and Styx to process, it was all becoming a bit too much to handle. But the AC is a hummin’ and it’s time for us to get back to work.

However, if the temperature goes one degree over 68, we’re calling a strike. After all, sometimes you just got to stick up for your rights.