Although they did do a reunion tour back in 1998, they are now planning on accompanying their newest tour dates with an album. In July, lead vocalist Peter Murphy told BBC 6 that he had been “working on reforming the band for the last year. It’s come to the point now that we are going to tour here in the winter and do a world tour and an album.” This would be their first album since 1983’s Burning From The Inside.

The tour will start in Mexico City on October 16, followed by show in Guadalajara, Mexico the next day. From there, they travel to our neighbor to the North on October 20, playing in Vancouver, then traveling South through Seattle and Portland. The month of October closes with two nights in San Francisco, October 25 & 26, and a three-show run in Los Angeles, October 28 – 30.

November will see the band heading East with shows scheduled for Denver, Minneapolis and Chicago.

November 11 – 12 will be spent in New York’s brand new Nokia Theatre Times Square. The band then heads North through Boston, Montreal and Toronto in the following days.

Bauhaus returns to the U.S. on November 19 with a show in Royal Oak, Mich., then moves South through Atlanta, and wraps up on November 25 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

Bauhaus dates back to1978. Their Ziggy-Stardust-meets- Nosferatu look initially got them dismissed as a glam-rock knock-off by the British media. But, after releasing their first single – “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” – in 1979, the group developed a major cult following that flourishes even today.

The band became a driving force of what was shortly thereafter dubbed goth-rock. As their musical sophistication and popularity grew, internal disputes began to fracture the band and they announced their break-up in 1983.

Murphy, moved on to a successful solo career while the remaining members, Daniel Ash (guitar), David J (bass), and Kevin Haskins (drums) formed the band, Love and Rockets.

This new tour comes on the heels of Murphy’s latest album Unshattered, which was supported by a world tour this past spring.