Ugly Logo A Nogo

Cleveland city officials gave a thumbs-down August 5th to the proposed logo for the Quicken Loans Arena, saying the design is just too ugly.

The city planning commission asked mortgage lender Quicken Loans, which bought the naming rights to Gund Arena, to scrap the current design.

“Naming rights are not an excuse for a bad design. And this is a bad design,” committee chairman Charles Adams said.

The company plans to use “The Q” nickname from Quicken’s red and white block logo on the 20,000-seat home of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Apparently, the logo isn’t aesthetically pleasing to all, despite a spokesman for the NBA team saying it tested well with the public. Team officials argued that using a company logo on a building isn’t the same thing as designing a store sign.

Meanwhile, city staffers have offered to work with the Cavaliers and its designers to come up with a better idea.