Their hair isn’t quite as big as it was in the ‘80s, but two of the founding members – frontman Ian McCulloch and guitarist Will Sergeant – have maintained the spirit of the group that produced with hits like “The Cutter,” “The Killing Moon” and “Lips Like Sugar.”

The two started the group in Liverpool, England, with a drum machine they named Echo.

With nearly 27 years under their belt (with only one brief break in the early ‘90s), Siberia will be Echo & The Bunnymen’s 10th studio album. The notoriously demure, reticent, humble and ever-so-soft-spoken McCulloch recently told Rolling Stone that “It’s a masterpiece!”

The tour begins on November 18 at Washington’s Black Cat, and then will travel North for shows in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. The tour hits Toronto on November 23 before heading ever Westward through Chicago and Minneapolis. After a November 28 show in Englewood, Colo., they will finish up the month in Boise, Ind. on November 30.

The Bunnymen will kick off December with a gig in Portland, Ore., with a two-day stint in Vancouver on December 2 – 3. They hit San Francisco on December 5, then travel South for two shows in the Los Angeles area. The tour wraps up on December 9 in San Diego.

For their U.K. fans, Echo & The Bunnymen also have a string of dates lined up at the end October for major cities in England.