The album, titled Catching Tales, is completed and set for a September 27 release date, and Cullum is wasting no time getting back on the road.

Following a few late summer gigs in London, the singer/songwriter will kick off a fall tour October 26 that will see him playing more than a dozen dates in the U.K. and Ireland before moving to Germany in mid-November.

The last date on the books is November 25, when he plays Cologne’s Stollwerk. He liked the U.S. enough to warrant five visits last year, so it’s safe to say North American dates shouldn’t be too far behind.

Cullum is widely known for his atypically energetic approach to the jazz concert, during which he leaps all over his piano and pounds the instrument like it’s a drum set. He developed his rowdy performance style after honing his chops in various rock groups around his native Wiltshire, England.

“See, in the rock bands and stuff I was in, I’d always been a fairly animated performer, but when I played jazz, I wasn’t sure whether I was allowed to do that, you know?” Cullum told Pollstar earlier this year.

“It sounds funny, but I had all these preconceived notions about what a jazz musician had to do. That was just my immaturity showing, really,” he said. “I thought I’d have to wear a suit, and I thought I’d have to be polite, and I thought I’d have to sit still, etcetera, etcetera. But gradually, I started to merge the two worlds.”