RIP Jess Nicks

Former shed owner Jess Nicks, father of Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks, died in Northeast Valley, Ariz., August 10th from heart failure.

Nicks, 80, owned the now-defunct Compton Terrace, which he built in 1979, and was considered a pioneer in amphitheatre venues.

Compton Terrace moved from its original location to Firebird Lake in 1985 and closed in 1996.

In a message posted on her Web site, Stevie wrote: “He was a force of nature. He waited until the Fleetwood Mac tour was over – I asked him for that. … He couldn’t leave us during a tour – he knew that … He waited for me.”

Nicks and his daughter reportedly collaborated to help raise millions for the Arizona Heart Institute.