Love Back To Rehab

Courtney Love admitted using drugs in violation of her probation terms and a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ordered her to check into a 28-day drug treatment program by the end of the day August 19th. He also said he wanted to throw the grunge diva in the slammer.

“I think that you need to hit rock bottom before you make a decision about what you’re going to do in the future,” Judge Rand Rubin told a sobbing Love.

The judge ordered her to the program and set a sentencing date of September 16th for the violations, which could still result in a lengthy jail term for Love.

“There will be sentencing and some further consequences at that time,” Rubin said. “I think you either need a long-term drug program or a long term in County Jail.”

Weitzman acknowledged Love had a relapse but will “deal with it.”

“She’s serious. She’s sincere. And she’s pretty tenacious about getting her life in order,” Weitzman said.

In recent weeks, Love was taken to a Los Angeles-area hospital after falling ill during an industry party for Liz Phair at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s Tropicana lounge. The “illness” was initially described by police as a drug overdose case, but that characterization was quickly withdrawn over privacy concerns.

At a recent celebrity roast of actress Pamela Anderson on Comedy Central, Love appeared disheveled and incoherent, several times repeating she’d been “clean and sober for a year.”

Love is on probation in three separate cases, two involving drugs.