Moog Dies Of Cancer

Dr. Robert Moog, who created a synthesizer that revolutionized music, died of an inoperable brain tumor August 21st at his Asheville, N.C., home.

Moog, 71, got interested in electronic music after discovering the theremin as a child. He developed an early version of the synthesizer with composer Herb Deutsch while a Ph.D. student in engineering physics.

He went on to create and market the instrument used by artists including The Beatles, Yes, Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, and many others for more than 50 years. His synthesizers helped inspire elements of 1970s funk, hip-hop and techno.

“Bob shaped music in deep and meaningful ways by changing how music could be produced and ultimately, how it would sound,” Moog Music Inc. President Michael Adams said in a statement. “He contributed to a new soundscape — a legacy that we will continue in his honor.”

Moog remained active with his company until he was diagnosed with cancer in late April.