Wilson Chewed Out

Gretchen Wilson won’t be whipping out her can of Skoal during concerts anymore.

Tennessee officials asked the Grammy-winning country singer to stop promoting the use of smokeless tobacco during shows because it may violate the 1998 settlement between the states and tobacco companies.

State Attorney General Paul Summers said the $206 billion settlement forbids tobacco ads targeting young people. The “Redneck Woman” singer had been pulling a can of Skoal from her pocket when performing the song “Skoal Ring.”

“Many young people attend your concerts and purchase your music and T-shirts,” Summers wrote in an August 25th letter to Wilson. “Because your actions strongly influence the youth in your audience … I ask you to take steps to warn young people of negative health effects of smokeless tobacco use.”

Summers said Wilson’s representative apologized and said there would be no further display of the product.

The rep also said Wilson has no relationship with Skoal manufacturer U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. As per the tobacco settlement, the company is not allowed to sponsor concerts or enter into any sort of agreement with an artist to make reference to its products.