Mountain View, Great Seats

Mountain View, Calif., has leveled some serious allegations against Clear Channel Entertainment, the principal lessee of the city’s Shoreline Amphitheatre. Now, the City Council is getting some criticism of its own.

The council claims a recent audit shows CCE has kept millions of dollars off the books that should have been part of the rent agreement. Yet, the council members’ frustration and anger have not kept them from accepting $8,750 worth of luxury box seats at Shoreline each year, according to the city’s Mercury News.

“The tickets have no impact on how the council operates,” Councilman Mike Kasperzak told the paper. “Anyone who thinks we have been soft on Clear Channel hasn’t been paying attention.”

Councilwoman Laura Macias added, “It seems like two different issues … If Clear Channel had their way, we couldn’t have concert tickets, but it’s part of the contract.”

In its report, the Mercury concluded, “Perhaps Mountain View leaders and the concert operators can resuscitate their partnership while lounging around and sipping cocktails at the Oasis concert later this month.”